Through Out Many Generations Of Children, One Thing Educators

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Through out many generations of children, one thing educators always questioned was why some students understood material and why others couldn’t. Since education is based off of factory line work, educators should’ve seen why some were successful and others weren’t. While most students pushed forward after a setback, others got scared and were afraid to push. The best way to foster success and tackle student anxiety is by pushing the idea of grit since grit is a great way of motivating students to push forward and reach their goals. What is grit you may ask. Grit, according to Angela Duckworth of Philadelphia University, “girt is passion and perseverance for very long term goals. Grit is having stamina, grit is sticking with your …show more content…

Staying on track of assignments is beneficial element that comes from the motivational side of grit. How is someone gonna achieve their goals if they don 't work to achieve them? Angela states, “grittier kids are most likely to graduate”(Ted Talk). Based on this, Angela suggests that gritter kids will graduate. How does this happen? Because they are motivated, staying on track of assignments will come as second nature to the student. In the beginning of their high school career, some students find themselves slacking on work since in most high schools there is a lot more freedom than in junior high. Due to poor progress some students get the notification from administration that they are not on track to graduate. Instantly some student feel the pressure and get to work because they are motivated to graduate. As for the others they continue on. Graduation day comes, those who pushed themselves get their degree wit flying colors as for others they don’t get their degree. Besides the lack of motivation found in classrooms one other thing that has recently been on the rise is the level of anxiety students are feeling towards anything having to do with education. Many wonder why and ask questions but one thing that comes to mind is that in education we know how to measure IQ. IQ is basically the measurement of how quickly someone a learn something or do assignments or even process material. It can also lead students to feel dumb.

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