Tina Fey Called Her Book Bossypants

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Do Titles Really Matter When Tina Fey Called Her Book “Bossypants”?
In her book, Bossypants, Tina Fey uses her unflattering memories and past experiences to teach her readers about the lessons that she has learned throughout her life. Through her unflattering memories, Tina Fey paints herself in a light that perceives her as the person in the wrong in most situations. She wants her readers to know what she has done throughout her life and how she became a better person through her experiences. Her past experiences help her audience understand that she has not always been perfect and that she has done bad things and has insecurities that have helped her become who she is today.
In remembering how she used to treat her gay friends as little more
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When she was trying to get her start as a professional improver, she was told that “‘The audience doesn’t want to see a scene between two women’”(Fey 80). Fey did not accept that two women should not be in a scene together. When she went to work at Saturday Night Live, Fey used her new position as a writer for Saturday Night Live to start getting women in positions more than the “wives and girlfriends” positions. In an NPR podcast titled, “Fame, Glory And Laughs In Tina Fey's Bossypants, Melissa Block describes Fey as “the first woman to run the writer's room at Saturday Night Live”(Block 2011). Fey used the misogyny that she had to experience at the beginning of her career to show why she has become the woman she has become. Even when she started getting well known for her Sarah Palin impression, she was angry about being asked about how she could be so critical of Sarah Palin. During an interview with Terry Gross on the podcast Fresh Air, Fey talks about how she did not think it was fair that continued getting asked about her criticisms of Sarah Palin by saying “Well, I think you can find this, you know, freshly posted as of yesterday about, you know, like - she should be ashamed for what she what she did to Sarah Palin - which I think is a discredit to both me and former Governor Palin. That is, you…show more content…
She tells her audience about a memory where she became an assistant director. She states that her first job as assistant director was “to make sure he didn’t cast the talented blond dancer who had so easily stolen my boyfriend the summer before” (Fey 37). Fey did not realize what she had done wrong at the time. It took her years to realize that girl on girl sabotage was not the way she needed to act and instead she should be building other girls up. Fey also talks about how she wished bad things to happen to other girls when she felt like they were getting what she thought she deserved. When she was hanging out with a boy that she was hoping for “funny business” to happen; however, the boy talked about how much he was in love with this other girl who was “so feminine and perfect that half a piece of Trident gum was the most she could handle”(Fey 59). She tells her audience that what she thought after their conversation was she wished the girl he was in love with had “a cavernous vagina”(Fey 60). Fey uses this example to show that even though she had made a pact with herself to never instigate girl on girl sabotage ever again, she still wished bad things on the girls who she did not believe deserved what they were getting, She still saw herself as competing with this girl for a boy. Years later, Fey

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