Titania, Oberon, And The Indian Child

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Titania, Oberon, and The Indian Child

If Titania gave the Indian child to Oberon the first time he asked, Titania and Oberon wouldn’t be as happy and Lysander wouldn’t have gotten the magic flower. Titania has the magic flower and is in love with bottom so Oberon asked for the Indian child and she said,”I then did ask of her changeling child /Which straight she gave me” (4.1.157-158). Titania gets the antidote and wakes up and asks, “Tell me how it came this night / That I sleep here was found / With these mortals on the ground” (4.1.97-100). If Titania didn’t get the magic flower and just gave Oberon the child, they would still be kind of mad at each other and not as in love because I feel like this situation
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