Titanic Flaws

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The “unsinkable” Titanic’s maiden voyage was a disaster because she split in two from crashing into an iceberg. 1,517 people died from the horrible tragedy, only 706 people survived.
The Titanic’s maiden voyage was disastrous because the beautiful ship sank and many people died. One of the largest flaws of the Titanic’s design is that it was too big and not nimble enough to avoid the iceberg. In addition to the nimbility of the ship, some of the rivets were improperly manufactured and contained a lot of slag in the steel, which makes it more fracture prone.
The Titanic wasn’t perfect, as she had a lot of flaws, but everything has flaws, she was fragile in parts. Even though she was called “unsinkable” she had an issue and ended up sinking.
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