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Title VII Regina Marshall HR590 Human Resource Management September 11, 2010 Title VII Many of us have worked in job environment that were less than ideal and probably thought about quitting our jobs on a daily basis. Do you ever wonder what it was like before the laws were written and implemented that prevented your boss from discriminating against you and other coworkers? Well I can without a doubt say that I would not have want a job before the 1964 Congress enacted the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Title VII was one of the major legislation that was a direct result of the civil rights movement in the 1960s. A famous civil rights leader by the name of Martin Luther King Jr. Was very instrumental in obtaining…show more content…
The addition of sexual orientation has gone before Congress many times but it has yet to be included as a protected class. There is so much controversy surrounding gay marriage right now that I believe it is only a matter of time before employment discrimination because of sexual orientation will be the reason for the Title VII will be amended once again. The most recent additions to this law have been discriminating based upon pregnancy, sex stereotyping, and sexual harassment. Title VII states that an employer can’t refuse to hire a woman based upon the fact that she is currently pregnant or because of any pregnancy-related conditions. To be safe and to avoid any litigation in the future, an employer should never ask an individual about their marital status or a woman if she is pregnant. A major part of Title VII is the addition of the way that the Supreme Court infers violations of Title VII in regards to harassment. The term harassment was not even used in the original development of the law but the Supreme Court has set precedent when it comes to employees being made to work in a hostile work environment. According to the Supreme Court, the law has been broken when an employer creates an environment that alters the terms of the conditions of the employment contract. There are several different types of harassment and all of them could be covered by Title VII depending on the circumstances. Bullying, stalking, sexual harassment, racial harassment,
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