To What Extend Do Liberals Support the Principle of Equality. Discuss.

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To what extend do liberals support the principle of equality. Discuss. First and foremost, the liberal principle of equality is that human beings are of an ‘identical worth’. Every individual is entitled to be treated in the same way. The Classical Liberals of the 19th century proposed a society in which individuals were largely free from restraint. Therefore, in a free society people are ‘free to be unequal’ and the consequence of such society would be that some would succeed while some fail. The game of life must thus be played on an even playing field. Liberals theory of justice is based on a belief in equality. Individualism, which is the central value for all liberals, implied a commitment to Foundation Equality. This is where…show more content…
It was the government role to attempt to provide support for its citizens by overcoming poverty, disease and ignorance. Modern liberals defend welfarism on the basis of equality of opportunity. If particular individuals or groups are disadvantaged by their social circumstances, then the state possess a social responsibility to reduce or remove these disadvantages to create equal life chances. The effort made by both early liberals and modern liberals to enhance equality among human beings illustrated their full support to the principle of
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