To What Extent Can Monetary Reparations Affect The Quality Of Life Of African Americans?

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To what extent can monetary reparations affect the quality of life of African Americans?

In this paper, a clear reasoning will be made pertaining to how reparations have helped different groups of people who have been awarded atonement. Throughout the course of this paper, it will become apparent how monetary reparations will affect the quality of lives of African Americans through analyzing the prior instances of reparations to different groups of people along with other instances in which reparations were awarded to African Americans. These previous instances set a precedent for any monetary reparations that can be given to African Americans for slavery and segregation. Reparations are meant to rectify violations of human …show more content…

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of a reparation is, “The making of amends for a wrong one has done, by means of paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged.” In 2010 a document was written by the Secretary-General titled “Guidance Note of the Secretary-General: United Nations Approach to Transitional Justice,” to support the Oxford dictionary 's definition of reparations; the document states, "Reparations programs are meant to rectify violations of human rights by providing a substantial array of compensation and benefits to victims. Reparations can be presented in the forms of monetary compensation as well as medical and psychological aid, health care, educational support, the return of previously owned property or compensation for a loss, or it can be presented in a simpler way such as official public apologies.” In both definitions, amends are being made for some wrongdoing. The Secretary-General is Mr. Ban Ki-moon of the Republic of Korea and is a diplomat as well as an advocate for the interests of the world 's people, among many other roles. The document, written by the Secretary-General, goes on to say that redress can be given in quite a few ways along the lines of restitution, compensation, guarantees of

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