To What Extent Can There Be Any Meaning In Our Life If It Ends In Death

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Baier answers the question, “How can there be any meaning in our life if it ends in death?” by stating that in the Medieval Christian would consider because there is not an issue with the meaning of life because everything has a purpose. In addition, Baier states,
“…the meaning of human life was therefore perfectly clear. The stretch on earth is only a short interlude, a temporary incarceration of the soul in the prison of the body, a brief trail and test, fated to end in death, the release from pain and suffering. What really matters is the life after the death of the body. One’s existence acquires meaning not by gaining what this life can offer but by saving one’s immortal soul from death and eternal torture, by gaining eternal life and …show more content…

This causes people to question the meaning of life. He states, “The scientific view of the world takes away life’s purpose and with it its meaning” (Philosophy, 380). This quote is in some ways correct however, in many ways it is incorrect. For example, there are purposes in some things that science does not take away such as opening the windows to let the cold air in or going for a walk; however, if we consider artifacts that have purpose such as fork or spoons. Therefore, from a medieval point of view, they considered themselves artifacts but in the modern world, we do not believe this. The meaning of life for Braier is found in the life that we create. His does not believe that we are artifact that we have a set purpose but that we are able to freely choose and decided what our purpose will be. In addition, Braier mentions from a Christian viewpoint of life have meaning because it is followed by a perfect paradise but we must follow the rules in order to achieve that perfect paradise; however, this rule do not allow for Christians to have some of the pleasure of life because it is viewed as sinful and wrong. In fact, Braier stats

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