To what extent does personality predicts employee performance?

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To what extent does personality predicts employee performance? In the workplace there can be a number of factors that can affect and employee’s work ethic or their performance in their job related task. In recent times though there has been development and some research done on possibly personality having an effect or could possibly predict an employee’s performance in the work place and therefore influence the selection process in recruiting new employees for a job. In this essay we will be analysing and discussing a new model which has been devised in which may explain the different personality traits that differentiate each employee or worker from each other. This model is called the big five or the five factor model, Several…show more content…
(1984), on the other hand, had no specific construct to point to in their analysis, as their validity coefficient was obtained by combining results across a variety of personality variables with no attempt at categorization. (Personality and Job performance; G. Hurtz; 2000) . The reason the doubt had been brought about is that although there had been a number of different research done on the correlation between the two, the standard which had been set as a normal to show a good correlation between the two was seen as been two low and was been questioned by a number of people. A study by Iaffaldano and Muchinsky (1985) found a correlation of 17. Between the two which has been widely questioned to not show any correlation between conscientiousness and having the best job performance. This was then adjusted by Cohen (1988) who then suggested that the more approximated standard should be 20. This was then dismissed and then increased further more by Mount and Barrick (1992) who suggested that validities below 30 are questionable, given the wide range of more valid predictors we have to choose from. This kind of fluctuation of standards than can class conscientiousness as an important personality trait puts it into doubt on whether it is a reliable data to turn to help predict employees performance. Also results from study carried out by Vinchur et al., 1998 shows that striving, rather than accomplishment striving, is the motivational intention most strongly
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