Tobacco Is The Leading Cause Of Death Essay

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Tobacco is the leading cause of death in the United States. Studies record that 480,000 deaths from smoking cigarettes including second hand smoke. Men has 278,544 deaths annually including second hand smoke, and women have 201,773 deaths accoriding to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention.) Although some smokers still live, they suffer from cancers, and circulatory and respiratory system disease, and many more harmful effects of smoking cigarettres and other tobacco related products.According to Dr. Robert N Procter “The cigarette is the deadliest artefact in the history of human civilisation.”Smokers are aware of the constent damages of smoking due to advertisements, warning labels, and much more, but are addicted to the nicotine. The (FDA) Food and Drug Administration declared nicotine, the main chemical in cigarettes, …show more content…

We can limit cigarettes. One way we can limit cigarette smoking is to remove approved smoking sections in public places such as resturants, clubs, parks, etc. By limiting smoking areas smokers have few areas to light up causing less smoking in public. This will result in people smoking less causing the nicotine amount in a persons body to decrease. When the nicotion decreases the smoker will not desire it as much causing them to smoke less. A ban on public smoking areas will protect the non smokers receiving second hand smoke. The American Heart Association points out that no amount of secondhand smoke is safe, no matter how small, therefore, Medline Plus urges that all states ban smoking in indoor places as well as outdoor public places to protect non-smokers(Cherney). If we prevnt all the promoting cigarette commercials, and promote more anti-cigarette commercials and advertisements ,people espicially younger people will be less likley to smoke cigarettees. Therefore, saving the lives of our

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