Toni Morrison's Beloved - The Prophetic Healer Essay

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The Prophetic Healer of Beloved

In her novel Beloved, Toni Morrison creates Amy Denver’s character to serve as a prophetic healer. Amy speaks directly to Jesus, recites prophetic like wisdom, and possesses strange abilities to create good. Amy Denver was sent by a higher power to ensure that Sethe reached her well-deserved freedom; their meeting was anything but coincidental.

We are introduced to Amy Denver indirectly by Beloved’s curiosity. Perhaps Beloved wants to know just how this happy-go-lucky individual came about. After all, even Denver felt a strangeness about her birth that made her feel, “like a bill was owing somewhere… But who she owed or what to pay it with eluded …show more content…

Amy Denver had a way with words that border on the truth we all seek as humans. Prophecies like, “More it hurt more better it is. Can’t nothing heal without pain, you know,” are so authentic. (78) After all, how can you find yourself without losing it first? Furthermore, Amy had a way with heavenly touch. Sethe consistently refers to Amy’s hands as “good hands”. Like the healer she was, Amy’s touch inspired peace, harmony and calmness. Not too many individuals have that kind of ability through the simple laying of a hand. Amy always ponders just, “What God have in mind, I wonder,” as if she is working directly under his influence. Although the meeting between the two could have

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