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  • The Brand Name : Divine Aqua

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    The brand identity for this product is formed from the brand name: Divine Aqua. The brand name is simplistic and a little ambiguous. The ambiguous nature of the brand name allows the name to be used when new products are developed in the water leisure market and can be licensed under the brand name. The logo is a simple water drop to emphasize the brands elegance and association with water products. Product Packaging The packaging of this consumer good will include a sleek box that has transparent

  • Comparing The Book 'Divine Name And Presence'

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    description and name for God has more significance than a simple title but represents a defining characteristic in the relationship between God and His people. God is revealed differently based upon the context of the Scriptures. Each name change unveils a new attribute in the revelation of God (,) to emphasize the power of God as the Supreme Being and His closeness with His people. God is described in the Tanakh in many different and unique ways. If there is a reason God has different names in different

  • Analysis Of Hairspray

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    some who disappear into obscurity after this film about 1960s Baltimore and its segregation. Ricki Lake plays a pleasantly plump high school girl in the early 60s named Tracey Turnblatt. Her mother, played by the character actor formerly known as Divine, irons and cleans neighbors' clothes for a living and Tracey's father, portrayed by Jerry Stiller, owns the Hardy Harr-Harr Joke-shop. Her and friend Penny Pingleton, performed by Leslie Ann Powers, watch a teen dance show called the Corny Collins

  • Theseus : A Hero : The Aspects Of A Hero

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    There are many examples of heroes throughout history and in story books that convey great messages, but what makes your leaders heroes? There are many attributes that make a hero but there are three main areas. To be a hero, one must be willing to make many sacrifices, be humble and not expect anything from the actions, and make positive changes. To be a hero means to sacrifice something for someone else no matter the circumstances or dangers. An example of this is in the myth Theseus and the

  • Analysis Of Hairspray

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    Hairspray, released in 2007 is a film based off of both the classic Hairspray film released in 1988, and the 2002 Broadway musical. The film was Produced by Ingenious Media, Zedan/Meron and New Line Cinema and stared Zac Efron, John Travolta, Queen Latifah, Amanda Bynes and many more talented actors and actresses (“Hairspray (2007)”). The story takes place in Baltimore, Maryland and is set in 1962. The main character Tracy Turnblad is a heavier girl who dreams of being on the Corny Collins Show;

  • Analysis Of Hairspray

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    When I saw Hairspray the Musical there were three things that I noticed that were important in making the theatrical performance. Those three things were the acting, production, and how the actors made us, the audience, feel. Each of these things contribute greatly to any performance. I feel that this production of Hairspray hit each of these notes very well. The most important part of a theatrical performance is the actors. Without the actors there wouldn’t be a show. In Hairspray there were many

  • Review Of ' Hairspray ' By John Waters

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    From Grease to Rent, musical comedies have been known to enlighten viewers on specific issues while keeping the context of the musical pleasurable and easy to enjoy. The 2007 musical film Hairspray is a satire of Baltimore in the early 1960’s while going through the Civil Rights movement. Through this romantic comedy, the agon of African-American civil rights and other power struggles among race gender, and class are depicted through certain comic techniques to keep the musical lighthearted but meaningful

  • Why Are We Named?

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    word fit precisely for them? This will be a paper on the study of names, specifically mine- Emma Lee Ketelsen. The study of personal names is anthroponomastics, while the study of proper names in general is onomastics, according to Wikipedia. Source I was named after my father’s confirmation instructor, Emma Langholt. According to Dad, it was because my parents liked the name and it was a pleasant coincidence that that was her name. My father went through six years of catechetical instruction with

  • The Meaning Of Jacob

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    Jacob Jacob, a simple name, is easy to say, easy to spell, and easy to remember. Jacob comes from the Hebrew origin, “Supplanter”. Supplanter means one who follows another’s heel. My name fits me. To me, Jacob means someone who is smart, funny, and outgoing. I am very smart, at least I think so. In real life, I am not that funny, but some people think that I am funny. I am sometimes outgoing because if I really want to be someone’s friend I just go up and ask. But I love my name. My dad wanted me to

  • Alexander The Great Red

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    Alexander came from the Greek name Alexandros, which meant “defending men” from the Greek alexo, “to defend. Help” and aner, “man”. The name also belongs to a hero of Paris in Greek mythology and belongs to several characters in the New Testament. Even know with all these Alexander’s, the most famous one was Alexander the Great, King of Macedon. Alexander the Great name spreaded all throughout Europe because of his great power and money. Kings of Scotland, Yugoslavia and Poland, eight popes, and