Topic: The Moral And Social Underdevelopment In Dublin

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Topic: The moral and social underdevelopment in Dublin life in James Joyce 's short stories “The Little Cloud” and “ After The Race”. In James Joyce’s short stories there is always an opportunity for spiritual growth for the characters, but almost always this possibility remains unrealized. The main characters are always faced with a "wall," beyond which they can’t see hope. They always feel depression or melancholy because of a lack of harmony, along with the sense that their happiness is unattainable. Jimmy and Little Chandler show the desire to gain freedom both in the world and within themselves. But in the world depicted by the writer, there are no full-fledged, harmonious relations between people. Social relationships are distorted…show more content…
They drank Ireland, England, France, Hungary, the United States of America!….What jovial fellow! What good company they were! "(Joyce, 40-41). At first glance, the author presented Jimmy as a young man thirsting for life, as if he is untouched by the stagnation that paralyzed the Dublin. But inside, he is the same son of a “dead” Dublin as the Little Chandler in the “A Little Cloud”. Feelings of Jimmy are felt in the construction of phrases, in exclamations, individual remarks and it shows how happy he is. But the author 's corrections to the point of view of the hero are significant. Although, they are done gently, without pressure, in semitones: "That night the city wore the mask of a capital" (Joyce, 39). This phrase clearly belongs more to the author than to the main character, but have a connection to the main character also. Behind the author 's irony clearly sounds a bitter soreness for his compatriots, for the wasted youth of the Dubliners, their ambitions to be like “them”. "After The Race" is not just a story about a merry party held by four very young people, but also correlate with historical situation of Ireland in the end of XIX century. This is a story about Dublin, about the sad fate of his youth in it. The dramatic motif of wasted life sounds very deep in the subtext of the story. "After The Race" is a brilliant example of how the author, behind the narrative of seemingly insignificant events, can convey

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