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Topman SWOT Analysis Strengths: Topman already has more than 309 fashion stores nationwide with another 50 stores outside the United Kingdom division. Topman boasts the worlds largest fashion store in London with over 200,000 shoppers per week, Topman gets twice deliveries per day and 7,000 looks per season. In the year 2006, Topman’s operating profit hits 110 million with its annual sales of 600 million now. It brings a strong brand image of Topman based on the successful achievement to consumer’s mindset. Strong brand image builds confidence and reliability towards Topman’s product. In a nutshell, expending Topman’s market in Vietnam has a strong potential to gain sustainable profit. Topman has their very own Internet website where…show more content…
In short, Topman is a retailer of trendy and edgy clothing that targets a diverse population. In addition, Topman had also won many awards and received a lot of compliments of high end fashion magazines and media press. They have the ability to appeal to funky 16 years old look to the mature twenty and thirty something. Congruently, Topman unlike many retailers varies each collection every two weeks, instead of every season like the majority of retailers do. Topman and Topshop is the only retail outlet which provide customers with exciting store elements. They allow their customers to feel the unique Topman experience which includes a café, radio station, nail bar, a vintage range, Topshop TV channel, VIP changing rooms. Part of Topman’s experience is interacting with a style advisor who works as fashion consultant to those shopping for a more complete outfit. Weaknesses: Even though Topman has over 300 stores in the United Kingdom and over 50 internationally, they are still lack of experience on international market. Topman has not cracked the Asia division. The whole of Asia is considered to be part of the most important division in the world, and countries like Vietnam is considered to be one of the important ones. Topman has also been in trouble for abuse of factory workers which made

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