Tourism Management Issues

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TOURISM MANAGEMENT ISSUES: DARK TOURISM Discuss the tourism management issues generated by the growth of dark tourism. Abstract: The aim of this research is to consider dark tourism and discuss what are the tourism management issues generated by the growth of this phenomenon. To clarify this concept, the report will also include a definition of dark tourism, a brief background of why this type of tourism is continuously increasing, and finally conclusions will be drawn. Keywords: culture management, visitor number management, safeguard, vandalism, conservation Introduction: Dark tourism has been defined as encompassing the visitation to any site associated with death, disaster and tragedy in the twentieth century for remembrance,…show more content…
Auschwitz camp is a perfect example for this. It is in the process of continual erosion; the growth of vegetation and foliage- coverage has to be managed and controlled. As Lennon and Foley (2004) further suggest, there should be management rather than restoration. This dark attraction has swelled visitor number and catalysed economic activity. A very important issue also identified is that of culture management. Tourist must be given a code of conduct and be educated to behave in a certain way when visiting particular sites as to conform and integrate with the local community to avoid conflict. Tourist themselves have, or should have, an obligation to observe codes of behaviour and be aware of cultural norms in the destination they are visiting (Howie, 2003). Some behaviour such as alcohol abuse, shouting, fighting should not be permitted as these might insult the local community and lack of respect needed in these tragedy sites. While at Auschwitz-Birkenau, groups of schoolchildren were taking photographs of each other, parents were photographing their children at the gates of Birkenau and indeed, school parties were sitting on the ruins of the crematorium eating sandwiches(Lennon and Foley, 2004). Furthermore funds required to conserve sites will also be of consideration. The two options that
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