Toy Robots Impact

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A person’s life can be heavily influenced by the interactions they experience within the first years of their life. Toys play a huge part of this and toy robots are included. It should be positive and it could decide the impact they have on the world.

Originally, the main players within the toy industry were Germany and the United States of America but that all changed after World War II took place. One of the first actions that was put in place was to rebuild the Japanese economy. It was carried out by giving Japan the task of manufacturing the cheaper products which included toys, the ones that used to be manufactured in the USA.

The next part of the plan was to ship them back over, by importers, to be sold in the United States of …show more content…

When toy robots were first properly being introduced into the world, the sole purpose was for the product to entertain the user – this mainly being children – and it didn’t have many functions or features but that changed when new features were developed. Parents wanted to have toy robots that could be used to help simulate senses for children with impaired perception. For example, speakers that could play sound with a large pitch range or maybe a robot that has fibre optic lights as its hair; manufactures must ensure that they are safe for children and babies to use. Another aspect of toy robots is that the educational value is very important to many consumers; complex computers have been engineered to be compact and have low energy requirements to fit into new toy robots that are being developed by companies. This step forward enables the products to carry out increasing difficult tasks and store more data. In turn, the longer sound tracks and complicated movements could be used to convey languages or gestures to the user.

Timothy Hornyak (2006, pp. 10) has stated that “...a caretaker finds that an elderly resident has snuck something soft, cuddly and white into bed: a robot seal. The resident’s bed partner is Paro, a therapeutic artificial pet that can respond to voices and stroking....Reduces their stress levels and depression.” This

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