Toyota Motor Company Operation/Quality Research Report

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Running head: TOYOTA MOTOR COMPANY OPERATIONS/QUALITY RESEARCH REPORT 1 Toyota Motor Company Operations/Quality Research Report TOYOTA MOTOR COMPANY OPERATIONS/QUALITY RESEARCH REPORT 3 Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction-Company History 4 Company’s Orientation 5-6 Operations Management 7-9 Lean Systems 9-12 Managing Quality 12-14 Improvements in Quality 14-15 References 16 TOYOTA MOTOR COMPANY OPERATIONS/QUALITY RESEARCH REPORT 2 Abstract Toyota Motor Company is the number one car manufacturer in the world today. They were founded by…show more content…
Their forecasts of customer demands are showing higher fuel efficient and other alternative energy based vehicles. A Toyota spokesman said, “Our renewable fuel strategy is simple; have the right vehicle at the right time in the right place to meet the needs of our customers. Tackling environmental challenges means apply what we know about renewable fuels across our vehicle lineup, and beyond” (, 2011). TOYOTA MOTOR COMPANY OPERATIONS/QUALTY RESEARCH REPORT 6 This diagram shows the scenarios for response to environmental and energy issues. The looks of this diagram show that in the next 20 years the market orientation is going to shift even more too renewable energy in the way of more hybrid technology, plug-in hybrid technology, natural gas, and hydrogen based vehicles. Toyota’s engineering and R&D are probably already looking at even more types of renewable energy type vehicles than already mentioned to meet demand for the future. With the natural resource of oil being consumed at an all-time high throughout the world, this natural resource of oil will eventually run out in the future. The market orientation for Toyota is changing as demand changes so it is critical that Toyota aligns their process structure accordingly. Toyota uses make to stock (MTS) process which is products are immediately available, finished products are made in advance of
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