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DESCRIPTION OF TOYOTA Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation. It is currently the world's largest automaker. Mission "Toyota Motor Corporation is a company devoted to enhancing the quality of life for people around the world by providing useful and appealing products" (Toyota Motor Corporation, 1994). Its mission has not changed much in the past few years, for the current mission of Toyota can be characterized as becoming the world's leading vehicle manufacturer, which means that it expects to sell more cars than any competitors, whilst setting benchmarks on product quality and production efficiency. Toyota also aims at providing good quality cars at competitive and affordable prices in order to well…show more content…
Asian carmakers, such as Toyota, also accepted the agreement, with one more year to achieve it. This criterion can be met especially by developing hybrid engines or reducing the fuel consumption, which is a fantastic opportunity for the segment of mini-cars whose small engines consume less. Economical Economic uncertainty, high unemployment rate (8.9% in March 2005), and increasing fuel price characterized the European economic environment. Therefore a gain in volume of mini-cars sells is likely to occur, as these cars are cheaper. Moreover, emerging markets are booming and eager to possess Western cars. Social There is a growing concern about ecological issues among countries of the European Union, which may have an impact on the car customers. Moreover, because of poor economic conditions, customers increasingly pay attention to their purchasing power and to their consumption level. This is especially true for the car sector where fuel prices skyrocket. Technology The hybrid new technology becomes a crucial asset to satisfy both the ecological concern and the performance expectations in the car industry. GLOBAL FACTORS Fuel prices increase worldwide so that car industry may face a slowing down growth in every

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