Tracey Mollet and Jack David Zipes' Opinions of Disney Essays

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Zipes and Mollet Summary Tracey Mollet is a modern history researcher. She received her BA from Oxford and her MA from Leeds. Primarily she researched the Nazi regime in Germany, from 1933 to 1945. However while she was working on her MA she became more interested and captivated in the animation produced by the famous Disney Studios during World War II. This particular subject has not been researched or studied on: which made her even more interested and motivated. Her theses on her research paper argues that Disney Productions since 1932 presents as an adaptation mechanism for the depression of the era. She used mainly the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story to support her argument that …show more content…

He argues that Disney took original stories and used them to tell stories that would sell rather than benefit others. Zipes states that he is very disappointed in the fact that Disney took credits and benefited from the literary genre of the fairy tale. Well, his “modified genre of the fairy tale” (page 40) and put his names on merchandise and made his profit enormous. As long as Disney got the profits he did not really care to improve about communal aspects on narrative.

Fairy tales are magical stories about fantasized beings and happy endings. They are told orally and are also found in a literal form. Disney was one of the milestones in the American history of fairy tale stories. With out Walt Disney there would not be more than 70 years of “classy cartoons”. Not only Americans are influenced by these fairy tales, we can conclude that over 50% of the world has an idea of this “American dream” of life that is portrayed.

Tracey Mollet’s view over Disney’s positive influence is interesting. I understand how she feels like these positive and happy ending stories shed light on a depressing time in America. In my opinion it also glorified the idea of the existence of “American dream” and what exactly it looks like. Her article gave me an idea of the effects and importance of history in any social matter: especially in the literary form. Walt Disney personalized fairy tales tailored it for the American

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