Trading Liberty for Illusion Analysis

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The events of 11 September 2001 inverted the actions that have led the US government to deal with criminals and terrorists in different and wide-ranging principles and measures. Standards that are mildly intrusive, coercive, and less democratic induce Security Departments to break privacies and breach human rights in the name of ‘war on terror’ The power given to the government to prevent and investigate the potential acts of terrorists was not balanced with civil liberties. These rights were guaranteed by the First Amendment “[to allow] the individuals to speak, think, assemble, worship, or petition without ‘government’ (or even private) inferences or restraints” (thefreedictionary, 2005). Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the United States…show more content…
Perceptibly, civil liberties have been restrained and invaded over the past will continue to be now and in the future. However, worst acts have been committed by leaders of the United States. Examples of Presidents John Adams, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin Roosevelt were provided by Kaminer to support this claim. She shows how President Adam apprehended many people for things like disloyalty, how President Wilson jailed Eugene Debs for criticizing the US government to “enter the first world war,” and President Roosevelt for his dishonorable decision to arrest the Japanese families in the second World War. However, she mentions that the Supreme Court participation to legitimize the action at that time was for security purposes. Many such facts come into view to affirm that politicians keep classifying people and grind the minorities and ethnic groups only for ideological ostensible sympathy. According to Kaminer (2002), “Liberty was trampled by all of these measures, while security was enhanced by none of them,” (p. 397). People feel more secure for such actions. Another example Kaminer offers, from the Bush Administration when given the order to hold and “[detain] over one thousand immigrants in the wake of September 11 attack “(p. 398). Kaminer says that most of them had no relation to terrorism. As Kaminer concludes, people who become afraid are to accept and bear the inhibitory and

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