Tradition And Norms Of The Indonesian Culture

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Tradition seems to be an important part in our lives. It comes from the Latin word traditio which means handing over of an item or an idea. We live in a society where we are expected to fit in order for us to get accepted, and that is simply by following the tradition and norms. Tradition is a way of thinking and behaving that has been used by the people in the society. It is often passed down to generations so it won’t be forgotten. On Christmas, I was told to exchange gifts with my friends and go to Church for Christmas Mass while on New Year, I would expect my parents to buy me paper trumpets and light some fireworks because it is the tradition in my family. On the other hand, culture is wider and much more complex compared to tradition. It reflects on the languages, beliefs, custom, and clothing as well. There are a lot cultures out there where each and every one of them is fairly different. Indonesian cultures, for instance, are highly influenced by multiple foreign cultures including Hinduism and Buddhism. They have been gone through a long process of cultural diffusion. Indonesian language has been derived from many other languages such as Sanskrit, Dutch, Arabic as well as Chinese. Besides our national languages, Indonesian are also fluent in our regional languages like Javanese, Sundanese, Minang and much more. Culture is one of the most important aspect in society thus must be preserved, one way to preserve it is through language, delicacies and festivals. I
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