Traditions vs. Personal Values: Everyone Wants to Belong Essay

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The average person wants one thing more than anything else, and that thing is to belong. Without interaction human beings are known to experience aggression, depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders, with a majority ending with murder and suicide as a side effect of not acknowledging the problem. The one group in society with the most occurrences is teenagers. Due to the fact of at that age, a person must discover who they are and what they want to be all the while having to deal with the viewpoints of others looming over them. The latest fashions, social media, among other things are all used to judge a person’s social standing, which can cause stress in some people. Even though teenagers are most often afflicted with …show more content…

After entering middle school, Usha began to berate and ignore her mother’s requests, even going so far as to taunt her about Pranab Kaku’s abandonment of their family. She would also go to parties behind her parent’s backs, to drink and perform sexual acts. Later, she started to wear typical American attire provided to her by Deborah. However, after receiving heartbreak of her own, Usha rekindles her relationship with her mother when Aparna confesses her attempted suicide. Pranab Kaku, on the other hand, receives a culture shock due to his past wealthy life in Calcutta. Being reduced to living in an attic of another woman’s home, Pranab Kaku turns to Usha’s family for support. He would come to their home for dinner every day, as well as, going on outing with Aparna and Usha. Soon this relationship became a regular feature to the family, causing Usha to feel as if Pranab Kaku was like a second father to her. After living in America for some time, Pranab Kaku didn’t make much progress in integrating with American society, finding more confront in the Bengali way of life presented by Usha’s family, and even going so far as to complain about his new homeland: “These Americans are learning equations I knew at Usha’s age” (640). In 1974, Pranab Kaku met Deborah; causing him to differ from the Bengali life style. He soon gains independence from Aparna, as he would only appear once a week to eat with her. The next year, he went on to marry Deborah,

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