Training And Development As The Organizational Function Essay

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Introduction Tahir et al. (2014) defined training and development as the organizational function in human resource management entails gaining of knowledge, experience, practices, and techniques. The principal purpose of training and development is to improve the performance of employees in the company. It is a planned experience of learning which teaches employees to perform current and future jobs efficiently. The intellectual skills acquired can be translated into a company’s resource through the individuals who acquired, utilized, and inferred the knowledge to achieve an improved organizational performance. Sims (2002) articulates that while training focuses mainly on the current jobs, development looks at the probable future jobs, and prepares workers for them. The overall goal of T&D is to help in the accomplishment of the mission and vision of an organization. On the side of employees, it increases their knowledge of the job while identifying the company’s goals (Tahir et al. 2014). For an enterprise, it leads to increased positive attitudes towards achieving organizational goals and improved profitability. In essence, improved performance leads to the success in business since it can implement expertise and competencies acquired in the process (Khan et al. 2011). Organizational performance, therefore, depends on the ability of the employees to perform effectively and efficiently. The human resource capital of any company is critical in the development and growth of
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