Training For Combat Over The Last Decade Essay

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This paper will describe how the United States Army has changed training over the last decade of war and why it is important that our doctrine should reflect the changes. As leaders we should continue to develop ourselves in order to develop competent and confident subordinates. Leaders who are physical and mentally fit will have a positive effect on the unit. While maintaining the skills they have learned from past experiences in order to prepare for future conflicts.
Changes in Training
The United States Army has changed the ways training was being conducted since September 11, 2001, and our training doctrine is finally catching up. Over the last ten years, the army …show more content…

What lessons have we learned during mission in Iraq and Afghanistan? The United States army has made transformation, however each war will generate changes. Today’s deployment requires that Soldiers are adaptable and flexible to perform under all conditions. Before leaders believed that our army was ready for any conflict. However over the last decade of war our American society has had an impact on our culture. We now understand that adaptation is the key to survive and accomplish the mission (CARDON, 2007). Leadership Development
The army provides commanders with adaptive units and leaders, in support of all unified action anywhere in the world. The United States military accomplishes this by realistic and standard based performance training. Our noncommissioned officers are the primary trainers of enlisted Soldiers, crews, and small teams. Their knowledge and experience is very critical success NCOs ensure that the unit is trained. However many of our leaders over the past decade of conflict did not have an understanding of the operational environment and task required to accomplish the mission. They did not understand full spectrum operation and (PMESSII-PT), due to of like training in these areas. Leaders today have developed a sense of stewardship in subordinates. They now understand that training is very important for

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