Trandcendentalism in Zuni and Sioux Tribe Essay

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Transcendentalism were strong believers in the power of the individualism and self-exploration, which were closely related to the Romanticism, the artistic and intellectual movement that originated in Europe that revolted against the political and social “norms” of the Age of Enlightenment. This helped fuel the Early Women’s Rights Movement by questioning how society hides women and bringing up new thought on how women should start to be treated equally. Before the ‘civilization’ in the New World, the Zuni Tribe located in the Southwest, idolized women. When looking back at their family tress, the women are mentioned. Women in this tribe also go to pick whom they marry, and the husband had to move in with the wife’s family so her father, …show more content…

But that all changed when the new undergarment came out called, bloomers. Bloomers were invented to make the women more comfortable in their own skin. This garment also allowed women to do physical activities without passing out. Once there is a new product in society, there are always critics. Reverend Todd wrote a book, “Women’s Rights”, about how bloomers were a harm to society. An indirect quote that my professor told us is why do women need men if they can ride bikes. The change on how women dress was a huge white elephant in the room. Early feminism movement is aligned with the abolitionist movement because many women were involved and became leaders in the women’s rights movement and the suffrage movement. However, there were divides in the abolition movement on the roles of women and how appropriate it was for women to have more of a voice in public. But that didn’t stop these women. Starting off with Lucy Stone, an anti-slavery worker by teaching slave kids to read and write, apart of multiple debating clubs and graduated number one in her college class. She is known for keeping her last name after marriage. Dorothea Dix, women author, teacher and reformer. She is most known for working as a nurse during the Civil War, recruiting nurses, setting up a training program, field hospitals and first-aid stations. The two most popular or well-known names are

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