Transactional Leadership in Nursing

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Transformational Vs. Transactional Leadership In Professional Nursing
Leadership development in the nursing profession is important because it directly impacts the care that is delivered to clients. Transactional and Transformational leadership styles are two very different methods of leadership in the nursing profession. This Essay will compare and contrast these two styles and support that transformational leadership style inspires quality care, job satisfaction and improved patient outcomes
Review of Professional Nursing Literature. According to Sullivan and Decker (1997) transactional leadership is a traditional, goal oriented type of leadership based on the social exchange theory. Work is exchanged for rewards in
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In a longitudinal study published in The Journal of Advanced Nursing, Munier and Neison (2009) concluded that transformational leadership styles reduced stress in the workplace and contributed to better sleep habits of the employees.
Application of Clinical Example Transformational leadership will guide the current metamorphisis that is taking place in the nations skilled nursing facilities. Long term care for elders is transitioning from the skilled nursing facilities to community based settings such as assisted living facilities, retirement communitities, home health and adult day care facilities. This leaves the traditional nursing home faced with the changing needs of health care in our society. It is forecasted that skilled nursing facilities will become the transitional acute care centers for rehabilitation as hospitals are now discharging complex patients earlier than before to satisfy HMO’s and financial restraints. The ma and pa nursing home of the past will have to succumb to this drastic change in order to survive financially. This transition must be led by transformational leadership in order to be successful. A study in 2008 by Neilson et all on the effects of transformational leadership in long term care, determined that this leadership facilitated a higher job satisfaction amongst long term care workers and a sense of well being. The employees who dedicate their lives to eldercare
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