Transformation of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd 2005

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Problem: Mr. Nakamura must decide on what action plans to pursue for the rest of the year (i.e., the "Value Creation 21" and the 5 emergency measures) Learning from Morishita 's experiences, Mr. Nakamura should consider the following Critical Factors: 1. Full cooperation of senior management in the implementation of the plan. Mr. Nakamura 's plan will fail if he never got the full cooperation of the whole management team of MEI. To get the cooperation, he must be able to get management to fully understand and believe in the principles of his plans, as the senior management team will serve as the implementers of the plan. They will also be the one who will drive the employees to the direction that they want to go. With management…show more content…
Also, this option provides answers for the short-term results only. MEI will still be plagued by the underlying inefficiencies in its system. Option 2 & Chosen Option: Mr. Nakamura pursues Value Creation 21 concurrently with the implementation of 5 emergency measures. The good side of this option is that there is continuity, as Mr. Nakamura will not show as fickle-minded by suddenly changing his strategy. Also, I believe that the Value Creation 21 (VC21) strategic plan of being customer-focused company will help increase the quality of its products as quality should both be based on technical aspects of products and perception of the consumers. The VC21 provides an answer to this issue where the sales and marketing department have a say on a product 's design/features/quality, delivery and price (a dependent variable of productivity). The sales and marketing personnel are the ones who know the consumers better and would know their needs and wants. Feedback from them is of utmost importance. The VC21 also had a good start with good results. This would mean that the employees have seen the improvement and will most likely pursue the plan. The 5 emergency measures that Mr. Nakamura came up with to react on the negative effects of the "failed" attempt on the conversion of the manufacturing system. It 's a reaction to save the profits of the company, which will show good results to both investors and company members. The bad

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