Transformational Vs Servant Leadership Case Study

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Summary of Article Journal 2 Title: Transformational versus servant leadership: a difference in leader focus Author: A. Gregory Stone, Robert F. Russell and Kathleen Patterson The main content in the article is to compare and contrast both similarities and differences of transformational leadership and servant leadership. Transformational leadership was introduced by James MacGregor Burns (1987) and Bernard M. Bass (1985a) while servant leadership was developed by Robert Greenleaf (1997). Both leadership concepts are frequently applied or adopted by the researches and people who engage in the industry. In order to increase subordinate performance, leader who apply transformational leadership is engage in building commitment to organisation objectives and giving authority to his/her followers to achieve the defined objectives (Yukl, 1998). Transactional leadership is the other extreme of transformational leadership due to its lesser democratic authority given to followers, concern on task fulfilment and monitor performance…show more content…
In contrast, results showed a negative relationship between transactional leadership and job satisfaction. Research carried out in Journal 2 showed an extensive study on servant leadership by comparing with others leadership concepts. Results of Farling et al. (1999) discovered that servant leadership depend on a spiritual base to obtain their sources of values. Study of Horsman (2001) perceived servant leadership as the prominent leadership model and recognized an association between servant leadership and the personal features of spirit. Outcomes of both researches conducted by James Laub (1999) and Rusell (2000, 2001) revealed that further empirical research should be conducted to prove the validity or accuracy of the relation between personal values and characteristic of servant leadership

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