Transformative Leadership Essay

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The old system of management has undergone many changes within the last century. An employee once performed the assigned job duties during the allotted hours and then went home. Now employees are encouraged to grow, give input, and to contribute for the good of the organization. There is a plethora of information for leaders to learn why and how to grow personally thus allowing the organization to grow as well. This new emerging leader is a transformational leader. Transformational leadership focuses on what the leader can accomplish instead of his personal characteristics and how his relationship with others. This leader “helps to bring about major, positive changes by moving group members beyond their self-interests and toward the …show more content…
Because change can cause emotional and intellect discomfort the leader must deal with it openly and honestly. This can be accomplished with discussion groups. 5. Give managers a sense of urgency. The leader must capitalize on the available opportunities and assemble managers that share his vision. 6. Commit to greatness. When adopting this ideal, the leader can instill human nature and strife for effectiveness. 7. Adapt a long-range perspective while observing organizational issues from a broad view. Without thinking of the future, a company cannot be transformed. 8. Build trust. The transformational leader ensures there is trust between all stakeholders. As Carlos Ghosn of Nissan Motors found that trust was essential and imposed a transparency on the entire organization. 9. Concentrate resources on areas that need it most. Problems cannot be taken care of all at once so the practical strategy is to get around the limitations by concentrating on the areas that need the change the most. For example, Bill Bratton, police chief of the New York Police Department, needed to concentrated on the narcotics squad because so much of the department’s resources were used on the fight against drugs. Bill Brenneman added breakfast sandwiches to the Burger King menu shortly after he began the company’s turnaround (Dubrin, 2007). An organization must change and transform in order to stay successful and therefore there are many examples of
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