Transvaginal Mesh Research Paper

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What Is Transvaginal Mesh ? Transvaginal is a term that is used the surgical technique that is used to implant the mesh via the vagina. The mesh itself is a type of surgical mesh that is usually made out of a type of plastic that goes by the name of polypropylene. This type of surgical mesh was created in an effort to fix POP or pelvic organ prolapse permanently as well as SUI or stress urinary incontinence. Many women experience this conditions after they have underwent childbirth, menopause or a hysterectomy. The Typical Operation In order for you to understand what is a transvaginal mesh, to put things in retrospect, lets take a look at the scenarioss in which a women expereince pelvic organ prolapse as well as the procedure that doctors perfrom in regards to the implantation of a transvaginal mesh. Once (POP) or pelvic organ prolapse occurs, a womans muscles essentially has become so weak, that the pelvic organs, which incluydes the rectum, uteros and bladder, essentially fall into the vagina. To alleviate the problem, doctors, can elect to surgaically implant the mesh transvaginally or adbominally. However, many doctors elect to insert he mesh through the vagina due to the fact that it is faster, less complicated and less invasive as well. …show more content…

Addionally, some of the implantation techniques that the manufacctuers of certain products recommned, directlecy lead to a vairety of serious and in some cases life threatneing complications such as severe infection, organ perforation, as well as the erosion of the vaginal tissue. Once these complications manfiest themselves they can lead to a variety of life long side effects such

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