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Trauma’s Not All About Drama
Gunshot wound, stabbing, motor vehicle accident, major burns, or a serious fall and one will find themselves on the way to the nearest trauma center. Whether it be by helicopter or ambulance, paramedic and nurses will be providing critical, life sustaining care for the patient until arrival at the trauma center. In Omaha, Nebraska there are two level I trauma centers; CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center Bergan Mercy and the University of Nebraska Medical Center~ Nebraska Medicine. Children’s Hospital and Medical Center is also a licensed level II trauma center located in Omaha, Nebraska specializing in pediatric trauma. CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center Bergan Mercy recently invested
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Consider changing this ‘center’ to ‘wing’.
The tile floors are clean, the fluorescent lights vibrantly shining, and the sterile smell of harsh cleaning chemicals lingers in the air. The trauma center is composed of four bays, bay “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D” with bay “A” closest to the entrance and “D” the furthest away. Each bay has the capacity to treat one patient at a time. Every trauma bay contains a bed with a sheet and flexible backboard, a portable monitor, respiratory cart, computer carts, and an examination light. On the wall above the head of each bed there are four large television screens, each corresponding to a trauma bay. The screen in the trauma bay will light up and show the current vital signs of the patient, including the patients’ oxygen saturations, pulse, heart rhythm, blood pressure, and entitle carbon dioxide. Along the two end walls are lock boxes; large cabinets that only open after a nurse has scanned their finger print that contain all the drugs healthcare professionals may need. Accompanying the lock boxes are large stainless-steel blanket warmers (that constantly keep heavy sheets at a warm 135 degrees), and portable x-ray units. Between each bay is a two-tiered stainless-steel shelf that holds all of the bandages, equipment to start an I.V., and miscellaneous supplies. On the side opposite the T.V. screens there is a small corridor that leads to the CT, radiology, and the cardiac cath lab. To the left of this

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