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travel agents aand its effectiveness


Tourism, as an industry has emerged as an instrument for employment generation, poverty alleviation and sustainable human development. Tourism promotes international understanding and gives support to local handicrafts and cultural activities. It is an important segment of the country’s economy, especially in terms of its contribution towards foreign exchange earnings, generation of additional income and creation of employment opportunities.

With rapid advances in science and technology, tourism has acquired the station of an industry in all industrialized countries. The high influx of foreign tourist traffic has accelerated demand for
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Organised sport was already well established in Britain long before it reached other countries. The vocabulary of sport bears witness to this: rugby, football and boxing are all British sports, and even Tennis, originally a French sport, was formalized and codified by the British who invented the first national championship in the nineteenth century, at Wimble-locking for amusement during the coldest season.

Mass tourism did not really begin to develop, however, until two things had occurred.
(i) Improvement in communication allowed transport of large numbers of people in a short space of time to places of leisure interest.

(ii) Greater numbers of people began to enjoy the benefits of leisure time. The biggest development of all was the invention of the railways, which brought many of Britain’s seaside towns within easy distance of Britain’s large urban centres.

The father of modern mass tourism was Thomas Cook who, on Ju5, 1841, organised the first package tour in history by chartering a train to take a group of teetotalers from Leicester to a rally in Southborough, some twenty miles away. Cook immediately saw the potential for business development in the sector, and became the world’s first tour operator. Others soon followed him, with the result that the tourist
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