Trials and Tribulations of a Homosexual Essay

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The history of the gay rights movement has been a hard fought battle within the United States. In fact the first gay rights movement dates back to 1924 with the creation of The Society for Human Rights in Chicago, Illinois. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that gay rights started to make progress. In the year 1969 The Stonewall Riots took place when gay, lesbian, and transgender patrons of a New York bar were raided by the police. This forever changed the movement from isolated incidents to a world wide phenomenon.
As generations proceeded, institutions such as the American Psychiatric Society began to classify homosexuality as a disease, which was later retracted in the 1970’s and was no longer considered a mental disorder. At this time
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These same people who oppose homosexuality then influence their children who act in the same manner in which they do. Students today learn words such as “queer” and “fag” all too soon and teach other students to tease and taunt those who may possess slightly feminine characteristics this in turn causes the said student to have absolutely no self esteem and to view his or herself in a unhealthy and unnatural way. Complete acceptance of homosexuality will probably never be gained within society however there are still various adversities homosexuals must endure more than heterosexuals, such as anti-gay bullying within school systems, various types of discrimination, and ultimately fighting for their basic rights.
As a child they must deal with certain factors that they cannot change no matter how hard they try. For example eye color, hair color, height, weight, and so on and so forth. Then based on these factors it is determined whether a child is liked in school by others. However there is another factor, that determines if a child is liked, and that is, whether a student is gay . Students nowadays judge one another solely based on belief if someone is gay . Children use the “gay” word out of context everyday and the effects of their harmful slander can be detrimental.
Teachers and principles may refer to this as just normal bullying,
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