Triangles In The Triportic Trade And The Transatlantic Slave Trade

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Triangles are used all throughout history. Whether or not it is a symbol or a design, triangles are used so much because of how versatile they are. “Triangular trade is a term which involves three ports or regions. Triangular Trade usually evolves when a region has commodities that can not be obtained in another region.” as it is defined by Wikipedia. It began in the late 16th century and was in full operation by 17th century, after the British won the French and Indian War. It was used to transport slaves and other goods to and from America. The Transatlantic Slave Trade is the most well known triangular trade route and the slaves had the most brutal conditions on their journey and were treated harshly when they got to the land they were forced to called home. The trading of slaves began after the fourth crusade in the year 1204. The Portuguese were the first to take African slaves. They would take them back to Portugal and use them for farming purposes. The Portuguese generally purchased Africans who had been taken as prisoners during tribal wars. As the demand for slaves grew, the Portuguese began to enter the interior of Africa to forcibly take captives when Europeans became involved in the slave trade. Europeans did not steal the slaves, instead they bartered with the African people. Africa did not have the resources they, or other countries needed to negotiate goods. This means that Africans were taken by other Africans and then bartered to Europeans in exchange for
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