Essay on Trick Or Treat: The Worst Night of My Life

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-Five Days Earlier- A couple of things made that day stand out more than others: It was almost Halloween, and Cameron Shaw was with me. Not the Cameron from physics that never failed to be picking his nose, but the Cameron who was smart, funny, and oh so cute. And he was asking me out. “So I was thinking, you and I should go out on Halloween,” he had said. I played it off cool, hoping he wouldn’t realize how excited I was. I’ve had a crush on Cameron since kindergarten, when he gave me a flower and told me I was pretty. “Yeah, that sounds great! What time?” “Does six sound good? I wanna take you to a haunted house.” I smiled, “Six sounds great! I’ll see you then.” “Until then, m’lady.”

-The Present- Blood runs down my forehead …show more content…

Cam looks at me, panicked. “ Run. I’ll be there as soon as I can, I just have to take care of something.” “What? No! I’m not leaving you!” He wouldn’t last a minute alone with that psychopath. “Go!” I don’t exactly remember deciding to go, but suddenly I’m sprinting through the house. The layout of the haunted house is similar to any other two-story house, and I decide going up the stairs will be my safest bet. The second floor proves to be a disappointment due to the lack of rooms to hide in, but footsteps slowly stomp the stairs, and I quickly decide to hide in a coat closet. As the footsteps come nearer and nearer, I hold my breath, hoping the killer won’t find me. He walks down the hallway, opening each door in hopes of finding me, coming closer to the closet with every door. Finally he stops in front of my door and I let out a small whimper. This is it. “It’s time to say goodbye now little girl,” he says. Slowly the door opens and there he is, holding a bloody knife. If this asshole is going to kill me, I won’t go out with a fight. “Go to hell.” He laughs, but there is no mirth in it. It is the laugh of a cold-blooded killer; someone with no soul, and no mercy. “ You’re a feisty one, aren’t you? I love it when they fight back. Too bad I’m going to have to kill you.” “Wait!” Cameron’s baritone voice echoes through the hallway. “What?” My attacker turns around, looking

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