Troy and the Trojan War

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Please answer the following question, they are about Troy and the Trojan war. Please put a number in front of each answer. I am uploading a file for question number 7. 1. How does the Iliad compare with the Iliad in respect to (1) its view of the possibilities about human life and happiness (2) its concern with justice? As far as happiness goes, the implicit (or explicit) question posed through both books is what defines human happiness and to what lengths people will (or will not) go to achieve it. Not unlike the people and situations of today, people in these two works go to varying lengths and try to accomplish happiness in a litany of different ways. The reason for this variance, of course, is two-fold. People's definition of what makes them happy varies quite a bit from person to person and even from situation to situation as does what people are willing/able to do to meet that end. As for justice, many people make the case that revenge in the name of justice is a fallacy and/or that revenge/justice can be corrupted no matter who is seeking it. The example of Zeus in the Iliad makes quite clear that even a supreme god in search of justice can be tricked and duped and that perhaps somebody that can be so easily manipulated should not be delivering any modicum of justice or revenge. The Odyssey covers the topic of whether revenge and justice are the same thing and in fact posits that they are not, although they are related. At the same time, Zeus clearly thought very
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