True Selves Research Paper

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What defines a person? Perhaps it’s our actions. Or maybe a person is defined by a single fleeting moment that flashes before the eyes in an instant then fades away into a memory only stored in the deep recesses of the mind. Or maybe we can only see ourselves in the face of stranger as they pass us on the street, barely masking the assumption they make of us in those brief seconds of silent introduction. Maybe our true selves are hidden somewhere within our mother’s eyes as she lets go of our hands and watches us start our lives. It may be that we all have this preconceived notion that we know who we truly are and exactly what we are meant to do. High school is the time when we choose to find who we are. We change dramatically from year to year, slowly evolving into our true selves. In my journey through high school I discovered who I wanted to be through trial and error. I scraped my knees a few times, but I always got back on my feet again. I learned what I had to do to preserve and better myself. If i had a chance to go back in time I would teach my younger self three vital lessons: put yourself first, don’t jump into relationships, and sometimes it’s just better to let things go. Solipsism is idea that only one's own mind is sure to exist, and that the world and other minds do not exist. If this stands to be true, then yours is only life that matters. Your mind is what orchestrates …show more content…

I made it to the end changed but whole. The metamorphosis is complete and now I am sure of who I am. I put myself first and have never been happier. I learned to love only those who I knew me as well as I know them. And that sometimes it’s healthier to just let your worries go and concentrate on the good things in life. All in all I believe I just learned how to take better care of myself. You can’t let high school get you down, keep your head held high and always know that only you know what’s best for

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