Trump Argumentative Essay

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Trump's views on people who are not rich, white, males have been troublesome since he first began running for the 2016 Presidential election. Amongst his many outrageous statements, he has called to defund healthcare for the lower class, openly shared his racist sentiments, and made multiple sexist comments including how he grabbed a woman "by the pussy." All of this has come to be expected of Trump's image as a scandalous, but successful, businessman, but as the President of the United States, Trump's actions and statements need to change.

Trump's followers believe that they are being oppressed and experiencing racism
In a debate, one of my friends at her Mid-western, white, and Christian high school, she stated that she believed "Trump [was] …show more content…

So why do so many white people think that they are being discriminated against? In a study done by Pew Research white people, especially Republicans, think that they get little to no advantage from their race. Yet still, they think they have the right to ban immigrants from other countries based on their race and religion.

For a country founded on immigrants from Britain, Ireland, Germany, and many more countries, this thinking should not be acceptable. In the small Missouri high school that my friend attends, there are most likely no people who identify as Native American; even though almost all the students were born in the United States, they can all trace their lineage back to other countries. What makes their relatives who were looking for work, better lives, or fleeing religious persecution any different than these new immigrants?

Additionally, many of Trump's followers will believe anything he says is true. Many conservatives even believe that the news articles and stories published on Trump that show him in a bad light are entirely made

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