Trump's Political Career

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In the recent presidential campaign, Trump has come into sharp criticism regarding his firm-held belief regarding some matters. The political ideologies that Trump has been propagating through his campaigns have been questioned regarding his moral reasoning and arguments. Trump’s political career began in the year ending 2012 when he then announced his intention to run for office. However, the political statements he makes have come into sharp focus regarding his leadership style and political beliefs.
Regarding the critical issue of immigration, Trump believes that birthright citizenship is improper. Known to be a great critic of President Obama, who is a citizen of the USA by birth, Trump has openly declared that he is willing to deport about
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Trump’s beliefs on building the American economy illustrate that he meets the moral foundation framework of authority and loyalty (Haidt, 2013). The American founding fathers believed in an America that is liberal and economically stable. They believed that all Americans should have jobs and be comfortable in their own country. However, with the previous American governments, did little to meet the founding fathers dream for the USA; Trump through his political declarations seems to be loyal in achieving the founding fathers dream. Trump intends to repatriating jobs that China has been slowly taking away from the USA. This is a clear indication of loyalty. In Haidt’s writings loyalty involves that the leader should be seen to enforce national values such as patriotism and nationalism. Through creating more jobs and building the economy, Trump is observing the American nationalism. Similarly, the fact that trump wants to recover jobs from China shows that he is a patriot. A patriot leader would put his country first ahead of anything. Job creation for the American citizens is more important for Trump; hence, he meets the moral threshold of loyalty as stipulated through Haidt’s…show more content…
Moral leadership entails a leader who is concerned with their principles regarding rightness or wrongness of their human character. Moral leadership is important since its impact trickles down to greater extents on its subjects. According to the theoretical frameworks of Haidt’s teachings and writings in addition to the characteristics of an authentic leader; Donald Trump presents with certain positive as well as some negative leadership traits. Thus, it is upon the electorate to effectively determine and analyze the traits of a leader effectively before determining their vote. In part of the decision-making process, the frameworks of moral reasoning and belief should prove to be
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