Trying for Humane Farming

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Humane Farming When dealing with food, Americans are forced to put their trust into the food industry. Although, there has been an increase of awareness, not enough, on how the industry grows food, processes, and what Americans consume. The United States is riddled with food industry immorality, obesity, and inadequate nutrition education. The government should have more control of the food industry, beyond the mandating of Nutrition Facts labels. In order to enhance the life quality of Americans, the government should partake in a more significant role with food industry regulation. With the modernization of the United States over the last decades, companies are manufacturing food rather than farming. Industrial farming, also known as factory farming, is an abusive and inhumane way of raising animals. The amount of food these farm factories are mass-producing is not the issue, instead, the quality of food needs to improve. The nation contains over hundreds of millions of people that need to be fed, the right way. The government needs to make sure the nation’s health is not at risk and properly manage the way food is made. According to makers of the movie Food Inc., food producers and the government seem to disregard the concern of safety of their facilities and produce, and the health of consumers. The food business just wants to create lavish sums of food at extremely low prices. This will maximize profits and keep money rotating in the market. Director Robert Kenner of

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