Tuckman's Model Of Teamwork

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Tuckman’s team model described a 4-stage process which often happens without the team noticing. He believed awareness of the model would assist them to reach a higher performance level.
In the FORMING stage team members work to fit into the team, Targets and objectives are set.
During STORMING tasks are set, relationships formed and disagreements are inevitable. In this stage issues must be addressed and resolved before moving onto the next stage.
Throughout NORMING the team starts working together to achieve the shared goals Norming creates an effective and cohesive team.
In the PERFOMING stage the team and team members are able to work independently and together effectively, with high levels of trust, honesty and loyalty.

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3.8 - Explain techniques to manage conflict within a team.
Conflict Management is essential to the work place, which needs to be managed appropriately and effectively this can make a difference between a positive and negative outcome.
Compromising is a method that can be used to receive mutual acceptance from both parties, this method would be appropriate when goals are moderately important, to reach a temporary settlement on more complex issues or when forcing or collaborating do not work. This method would work well where team members
Forcing is another method which involves pushing one view point at the expenses of the other. This would be appropriate when a quick resolution is needed or a threatening situation arises. Forcing method could also be used as a last …show more content…

Performance management is a process for improving team and individual’s performance, it is an ideal time for the manager to identify any training, development needs and explain any expectations for future performance. The meeting is also an ideal time for the employee to discuss her professional goals. It is also a good time to give negative and positive feedback.
4.2 - Explain the uses of specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART) objectives and priorities.
Clear SMART goals are an important tool for setting achievable

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