Tudge's A Case For Meat-Eating

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Tudge’s article, “A Case for Meat-Eating,” describes how the positives outweigh the negatives in the aspect of living meat-free. He suggests that the world going completely meat-free isn’t necessarily needed, but a reducing factor of meat would be adequate as well. Tudge also explains how he believes that vegetarians make a better use of the landscape and limit greenhouse gasses in a number of ways. He also says how supermarkets are dedicated to selling meat as a large income, and how it should be lowered. Tudge states in his article that becoming a vegan or vegetarian is very beneficial to our society and to our earth. He also brings up points on how simply reducing meat consumption can help improve greenhouse gasses, obesity levels, and cardiovascular diseases in humans. Tudge also says in his article that protein can come from other sources rather than meat, which …show more content…

The author uses persuasion frequently in his writing to get his point across to the person reading and to make them agree with his viewpoint. He also brings in points made by people that do eat meat in order to appeal to all aspects of different readers when coming in contact with his article. Tudge wants to prove that a life without meat has a better outcome now and in the long run by using statistics and appealing to his audience with the positive outcomes of making the decision to live life meat-free. Tudge also says how people that do not engage in meat-eating tend to have less diseases and illnesses than people that do eat meat, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The rates of getting cancer are also less when eating no meat, as Tudge proclaims in his article. Tudge’s article repetitively shows how the positives outweigh the negatives when eating meat-free. He also continuously shows this to the reader, persuading the reader to also engage in the act of

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