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"I kill about 13 million kids a year"- Bullying(Tumblr). We all recognize the seriousness and the unmerciful imprint that cyberbullying can cause. Social media annihilation has become the number one cause of suicide deaths and attempts in teens and young adults. We all witnessed social injustice and failed to report the abuse. Top sites that have the maximum bullying rates are Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. Prevention and awareness are our only hope to lower these staggering numbers from increasing.

October 27. A 20-Year-old Tumblr artist Paige Paz attempted suicide, after enduring long periods of cyberbullying and harassment on a distinguished website. Tumblr was founded February 2007, it’s services allow its fellow Tumblr’s to post multimedia clips, art and short-form blogs. In Paz's case, she uploaded some of her art to her blog, and to her surprise, she was savagely attacked and berated by aggressive users. We can't supervise everyone movement on the internet, but we could alter the rules to play in the community's favor. Tumblr should give users better ways to critique art, being that most people struggle with word preferences it should build character and vocabulary.

July 18. Leslie Johns was ferociously lacerated with pernicious tweets. "I was in my apartment by myself, and I
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Lewis Thelwall hangs himself after false accusations are posted online, and goes viral. Facebook Is deemed the worst social network to become a victim of cyber bullying. 54% of teens reported they have experienced cyber bullying on the social network. Lewis was amongst the percentage, due to the carelessness of his peers and the lack of graciousness Lewis was pushed to the edge, not knowing he just lost his father months earlier. Lewis is one 4,400 teens who claims their own lives due to bullying. Show more compassion, less hatred, walk with your shoulders down and head held high. Lastly, if we show more love for our society we’ll have no reason to speak down on
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