The Real Life Consequences Of Online Harassment

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Bullying and harassment through social media can have a major impact on one’s life. Bullying through means of social media or cyberbullying for instance, may cause feelings of loneliness, depression, rejection, unsafety, fear, hopelessness or feeling stuck in a situation, confusion, stress, feeling like you don’t fit in, and shame. Any of which may lead to avoidance of friends, social media, school and the intent to cause harm oneself or others may arise due to these feelings. In rare cases of bullying it could result in an occurrence of school shootings which has been occurring more frequently. Cyberbullying may also lead to the suicide of the student due to constant tormenting and inability to escape from harassers. However, this may be avoided…show more content…
Cases such as these are in need of action from the school as these situations can cause school wide disruption. When effective policies are implemented into the school systems it provides students with the means to safely deal with situations of bullying and harassment or prevent such confrontations in the first place.
If a student is facing problems with bullying or harassment, it is advised for them to seek help from the school, if it is a serious matter they should seek help from the police, if the student or parents feel the need to do so. In the article The Real Life Consequences Of Online Harassment, Allyson Kapin, a co-founding partner of Rad Campaign, is quoted in a press release on the topic of cyberbullying and harassment through social media as stating, “These poll results show the need for effective responses to the problem at all levels.” A victim of online bullying or harassment should go directly to the school counselor, in order to confront the problem at the source and get the appropriate help needed. However, in the case of the student being afraid to directly ask the school for help, the student should get an advocate to get
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Students should be aware that bullying and harassing others is not tolerated and is punishable by the school. Most of the time students know they are harassing another person but fail to understand that there are consequences in place for harassment and bullying. Most often peers fail to understand that they are not looking at the bigger picture and might be contributing to more serious affairs in the victim’s life. The bully may not know that the victim can already be prey to many other people who are harassing the victim or adding onto an already miserable life. At a certain point harassing someone on social media can have consequences that would not only affect their school life but also have a great impact on the bullies life if the victim were to react in an unpredictable way. Although, some people may not even take heed or realize that what one is experiencing is bullying or harassment. However, for some people it could send them into a spiral of misery and depression, with the possibility of leading to the harm of oneself or another person. It is for these reasons that bullying is heavily disciplined when brought onto school grounds as it leads to a numerous amount of serious complications for the victim. These bullies are also held liable for the outcomes of their actions, which most people have yet to
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