Tupac Shakur's Photography

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Celebrities are used to being photographed, but it's never clear when a photo will be a celebrity's last. These 10 haunting photos of celebrities just before they died are both scary and eye-opening. You never know when a photo could be your last.

Number Ten: Tupac Shakur.

This photo of Tupac shows him with his manager, Suge Knight. The photo was taken on September 13, 1996, just before he was shot to death.

Number Nine: Amelia Earhart.

This chilling photo of Amelia Earhart was taken before she left for her final flight in 1937. The photo shows her packing and looking happy.

Number Eight: Amy Winehouse.

Talented singer Amy Winehouse is seen here casually strolling the streets in North London. She died just one week later in July of 2011.

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