Turkey: The Second Largest External Supplier of Textiles and Clothing

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This will explore political, environmental and commercial forces apparent to Turkey’s success concluding with the outlook for the countries future.
The value of EU clothing and textile exports to countries outside the EU has risen 13.3% from 2010 to 2011 which hints that global trade is increasing and expanding during this time frame. Sales of textiles increased 8.3% and clothing 19.4%. However, although in terms of value trade appeared to rise, in terms of volume exports decreased 0.3% and production within the EU declined throughout the year. EU imports also showed similar figures as imports from non-EU countries were up 9.8% in value but only 0.5% in volume. This reflected a 13.7% increase in average export prices.
Within the EU the largest exporter of textiles was Germany with Italy as a close second and the biggest market for imports was USA, Turkey and then China. Italy was the largest exporter of clothing followed by Germany and then France and the biggest market for clothing imports from the EU was Switzerland, Russia and USA.
The EU’s largest external textile supplier during 2011 was China, Turkey and then India and the leading…
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