`` Turn Off The Tv Before It Ruins Us `` By Susan Douglas

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If a picture is worth a thousand words than how much is a continuous moving image transmitted from a rectangular box worth? It depends on who you ask. David Nyham, a columnist for the Boston Globe, may tell you that it is worthless and actually detrimental to the developing human brain. On the other hand, Susan Douglas, a professor of media and American studies at the University of Michigan and most importantly, a mother, may tell you that it can be used as a medium for not only entertainment but also a tool for teaching a child “basic bull-shit detecting techniques” P8 Both of these authors are passionate about the effects television has on this generations youth, but Susan Douglas is more effective in persuading the reader due to a…show more content…
In addition, Nyham says that the best solution to this “problem” is a drastic one similar to amputation, meaning a parent should cut off all access to television. (whatever P) This is not only unrealistic, but also would leave a child feeling isolated from their peers. Douglas, on the other hand, is able to suggest a very obtainable solution of using television to teach a child basic media literacy. Nyham also tries to put on an act for the reader by using medical terms and over-exaggerated words throughout the essay. The author tries too hard to sound educated using words like “infernal” (3) or “cynical nattering” (19) and it comes off as a pathetic attempt to sound credible. Douglas embarrasses the Boston Globe columnist in this category. Douglas’ credibility in this subject remains unchallenged by Nyham’s futile attempts to “wow” the reader with a few “SAT” words. Throughout both essays, there is a communal agreement between Nyham and Douglas on the fact that television has the ability to affect this generation’s children in a very negative way; however, Douglas believes if used correctly, television shows can be a tool for parents to use for not only distracting their child for a few minutes, but also for teaching them essential life skills at a young age. Correspondingly, Susan Douglas in “Remote Control: How to Raise a Media Skeptic” appeals to the reader’s emotions throughout the essay

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