Turner Syndrome Research Paper

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Turner syndrome (TS) is a disability that only affects females. The condition occurs when a female has one x chromosome instead of the usual two chromosomes. Most sufferers of Turner syndrome grow to be shorter than most children on their age group and most only have life expectancy of up to 50 years while some tragically pass away as young as 13 years old.. Although plenty of information on Turner syndrome in known, researchers and scientists are still trying to figure out exactly which genes in the x chromosome are responsible. Most cases of Turner syndrome are diagnosed by physical features. These features include a webbed neck, which makes it difficult to make neck movements, low set ears, hearing loss, very swollen hands and feet (Lymphedema) from built up fluid and the failure of ovaries which causes them to not develop normally. With modern day technology, Turner syndrome can more easily be diagnosed by a karyotype blood test before birth. …show more content…

The most well known type of the condition is called Monosomy. Monosomy occurs when there is only one x chromosome. In this case, something went completely wrong with a mother’s egg or a father’s sperm. The second most common type of Turner syndrome is called Mosaicism. Mosaicism occurs when there is an error in cell division before birth, thus creating two different copies of x chromosomes. In some cases, there is one complete copy of an x chromosome and one partial copy of an x chromosome. There is a fairly rare case of Turner syndrome where some cells have one x chromosome and a part of a y chromosome. Through research, it has been found that there are no racial or ethnic influences that causes TS. Women and children struck with this type of Turner syndrome develop biologically as a female, but this highers the risk of contracting a cancer called

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