Turning Point At A Chinese Orientated Family With English

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Turning Point After an exhausting day in school, I came home dead on one feet covered in sweat and dirt. Mom used a wet towel to clean me up, giving me a soothing sensation as she hands over a file of document consisting information about an international school that I never even know existed. I puzzled and asked “what is this about?” She replied “your future”. I flipped through the documents and tried to comprehend. It was all in English and I’m confused. I didn’t understand a single thing besides the price of school fees. It was no small amount of money to be sent there. Seeing that I was only a 12-year old rebellious kid, I said no immediately without thinking. My mum asked why and all I could think of was the friends that I would leave behind. Being in a Chinese orientated family with English as my second language, I was also worried about how I would fit in in a completely foreign environment. After some persuasion from my parents, I agreed to go and have a look at the school. It was not how I pictured it to be. Even though the compound was small as compared to a local school, it’s facilities were complete. It feels like everybody in this school knows everybody. My parents were impressed with the campus and they signed me up immediately. I was surprised by their spontaneous decision without my agreement. The next thing that surprised me was the sky blue colored uniform paired with navy blue colored trousers which eventually ended up being paired with gray trousers

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