Tv Obesity

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David Coleman-Roush Dr. Isaac ENGL 101-D12 19 April 2015 The Couch-Potato Conundrum: TV leads to obesity In contemporary society, the most consumed medium in almost every household across the world is television. People spend a considerable amount of time watching television. Some studies indicate that in an average 65-year lifespan, an individual spends 9 years watching television (Jenvey 811). It is then not surprising to realize that the average person spends 22 hours each week watching television (Jenvey 811). An average American household has 2.24 TVs with an estimated 6 million videos rented daily (Jensen 811). The consequences of spending such a considerable amount of time watching television are weight gain and obesity. The…show more content…
Hence, children are deceptively conned into becoming lifelong consumers of these fast foods which increases the probability that many of them will become obese before they become adults. The indoctrination of regularly subscribing to advertised content encourages a sedentary lifestyle comprised of easily acquired fast food delivered to people’s homes. Earlier studies concluded that without regular physical activities, the probability of gaining weight increases exponentially for a person. However, contemporary research indicates that even with irregular physical activities and a moderate sedentary lifestyle, the probability of gaining weight remains high for the average person. In their study, Vik et al. (7) concluded that the odds of gaining weight in children increased among those who ate lunch and dinner while watching television. They argue that “TV watching may be associated with more ‘mindless’ eating, and may thus increase the amount of foods and thus the amount of calories consumed” (Vik et al. 7). Hence, even among individuals who regularly engage in physical activities, the probability of weight gain increases relative to
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